Hollywood Douchebags to BlackList

 I hope the idiots who sign the checks made payable to the below-listed take note that Most, if not All of the Douchebags listed here are seriously placing their popularity, celebrity status and careers on a path to quick disintegration.

Too good to move to Mexico…Racist Bastards!

Has their unbelievably huge luck and their blood-oaths left them so surprised and bewildered that the daze and confusion of their own success in the cesspool that’s called “Hollywood,” or “Showbiz” has left them in a state of perpetual stupidity? Are these film-industry whores so full of their own shit that they actually think they’re immune from the career-killing affects of “Falling Out?” In case they’re as dumb as they’re ‘acting,’ let me remind them that approximately half (that is around 50% for the dipshits who spent more on plastic surgery than they did their own education) of the people who supply their industry with cash and actually keep the industry moving (the SAG Contractors would call them “My Fans”) are Trump Supporters who know he’s doing a Great Job. They know he’s doing a great job despite the tremendous efforts of the NeoCrats -the new progressive left, the American Socialists, the new American Communists, the dumbfucks with no job and nothing better to do than “protest.” But I guess that I, too, would take money from George Soros, knowing that even though I stood with a group of complete fucking idiots and vandals and shouted baseless and unsubstantiated accusations and outright lies (all the time myself being guilty of these same alleged acts -even being so goddamn retarded that I wear a shirt covered with hate-speech, racial slurs and vulgarities) about President Donald Trump, that the money from Soros and other globalist scum might as well have been flushed down a toilet as the protest did nothing but further the resolve of The People Who Love America (The Trump Supporters) and the Trump Administration itself.
I do have to admit that it is amusing to watch groups of retarded NeoCrats “protest.” The violence, hate, sexual assaults, racial slurs, Anti-America rhetoric, property crimes and complete anti-social behavior do not amuse me however. So I must admit that I use vulgarities and slurs when talking about (and sometimes writing about) these New American Communists, so I’m not trying to ride my Hi horse and tell you that I’m so much better than any of them…but this article isn’t about me!
This written rant is about the actors and actresses and others with celebrity status who take it upon themselves to further the lies and attempts to undermine President Donald Trump in his efforts to Make America Great Again. I’d very much like to see him succeed, and I know my friends and family members would too. I know that almost every person that I know would like to see this happen, and I’d bet your life that the vast majority who oppose President Trump don’t really understand exactly what they’re “protesting” against…or what they think they might get if their lame-ass protests bare fruit.
Both issues are longer stories to be written at some later time.  For now, I just wanted to make my own Shit List, naming those celebrity whores who publicly stand against President Trump. I for one, will do all in my power to make sure my money does not end up supporting them, or any company that employs their services. It’s a shame, too, as some of them I actually enjoy -when in character of course. I will not listen to them, nor will I watch them…in movies, concerts, TV shows or on YouTube.  I’ll rant about them and how I despise them, and I have a feeling that many millions more will do the same…eventually they will get the message that it’s better to keep your mouth shut -and keep your political opinions to yourself if you depend on the public for your support.

Here’s my Shit List – Blacklisted Celebrities – March 1, 2017
Meryl Streep, Lee Daniels, Taraji Henson, Bryshere Gray, Trai Byers, Jussie Smollett, Tasha Smith, Gabourey Sidibe, Grace Gealey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Schiff, Olivia Wilde, Robert DeNiro, Lena Dunham, Mark Ruffalo, Shonda Rhimes, Bryan Cranston, America Ferrera, Stephen Hawking, Steven King, Susan Sarandon, John Legend, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Samuel L. Jackson, Chelsea Handler, John Oliver, Cher Bono, Ben Stiller, J.K. Rowling, Brandon Stanton, Eve Ensler, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Richard Gere, Rosie O’Donnell, Bette Midler, Bill de Blasio, Bob Odenkirk and the biggest Celebrity Idiots of them all, Mr. and Mr. Obama…and Goldi Whoopberg, Michael Moore, Madonna, Katy Perry, Scarlet Johansson, Evan Rachael Wood, Amy Schumer, Frances McDormand, Julianne Moore, Patricia Arquette, Dania Gurira, Debra Messing, Kerry Washington, Neil Patrick Harris…and the rest of the idiots.  I know, I know, some HUGE names here!  I wouldn’t know nine out of ten of these fools if I ran over them with my F-350.

Nice One, Barack!
These idiots can’t get anything Right !

Who the hell is Taraji, never heard of Jussie, Gabourey-fucking-who?  How the hell do they know Steven Hawking is on this list?  Did he open his mouth and let the slobber drool down his shirt until it ended up in a pile of spit that spelled “I’m a Trump Hater?”  Miley-look-at-my-crab-infested-box-Cyrus – I thought you were headed to Canada?  I guess Mexico’s not good enough for any of these Racist Pricks!  Sammy-boy-Jackson, shut the fuck up already.  You made your stupid ass opinion well known when you stood up for the biggest traitor in the history of the US -as did almost all of these idiots – Let’s just refer to them as the Celebrity America Haters – maybe the “ladies” on the list can find a government to their liking in Iran or any muslim country – if they can keep from getting stoned in the fucking street!  Oh, yeah, that’s right, They DO kill women and consider them slightly above swine-cunt in those wonderful Muslim shitholes – Those same shitholes that hold both hands out and ask for American Money, then call us “The Great Satan” once the cash is safely spent on guns, explosives and other means of death and misery (or they’ve got the Naked Toddler Boys lubed up).  Barry Soetoro and his Wife -who’s finally proud, should be the two most prominent names on this list!  They are the Biggest America Haters of All Time…

Be Sure to Watch for the Blogs which list the Personal Problems and Expose what these scumbags Do Like – Where their money goes, who they’ve had to step on to get where they are, who they’ve had to sleep with to get where they are. Crimes they’ve committed, Mud from their Divorces and anything else I can find.  What is really sad is that 99% of the stories portraying Trump as a womanizer, racist, elitist pig, Etc…are based on lies, are complete lies or outright fabrications aimed at leading those who support him astray, or keeping those that dislike him held captive.

I found it entertaining to say the least that the lamestream media and all the kings horses and all the kings men could not even dig up an ounce of dirt on Trump…So he used the word “Pussy,” during a private locker-room discussion he thought was really private…He called Rosie O’Donnel a “fat pig,” (that’s not a lie, folks), he said the big media outlets are full of liars and bullshit artists (my words, not his) -another truth.  He said that Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt human to ever run for any political office -a self-evident, undeniable truth!  Let’s face it…Hollywood hates him,  the lamestream media hates him, George Soros hates him, The Political Party (Dems and Repubs) hates him…The people who hate America Hate Him…That is proof-positive that he’s doing something right and that he scares the shit right out of all of them.

It’s time to Drain The Swamp which we call Washington DC, It’s time for the people to take back OUR Government, it’s time for the People Who Love America to take Control and Make America Great Again.  Donald Trump can do this…with our support.

Agree?  Disagree?  Did I make you cry? Did I make you Laugh?
Say something!  Let us know what you think.

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Lame-Stream News Keeps Spreading their lies…Much More to “Protests”

Before I start this I’d just like to make my Political Stance very clear:  I think that Republicans are some of the most disgusting, greedy, closed-minded fools in America Today – They’re almost as deplorable and stupid as Democrats!  Get the picture?

The Lamestream Media

Anyone watching the news on TV the past week or so might get the feeling that the US is in the midst of a Police State, or that Civil War has broken out…or is just around the corner.  What a sad state of affairs they are creating, and what will they do when it all backfires on them?  They either have selective amnesia, or they choose not to remember that the past repeats itself.  I’ll explain shortly, or rather, I’ll let other people explain it for me, that way you don’t have to take my word.  So while the “Progressive Left” appears to be running wild, like European Soccer Fans, fueled by rot-gut booze, dirt-weed and maybe even some of that Crokodile you may or may not have heard about or recall.  While the Left breaks windows and becomes video-proof that they are roughly, let’s say, a thousand times worse than their demonized president, the Right shakes their heads and feels rather embarrassed to be part of the same species.  The racism, hate, violence, intolerance, bigotry and everything else these wanna-be Commies are doing, saying, acting out and wearing right on their clothing – the vary same deplorable offenses that they claim make our new president unfit to lead or hold office, they apparently hold so dear to their hearts.  I’d like to say it’s funny and make some kind of clever joke, like Daniel Tosh might, but these very same people are my fellow Americans; They’re not the Left that I remember – and they’re proving one hugely missed and grossly overlooked fact.  It’s not the citizenry on the Left or the Right that have sank America into a cesspool of corruption, greed, favoritism, fascism, moral decay and violence…It’s the piles of stinking shit we’ve allowed to fester at the public coffers, taking more and more for them while have to go with less and less (we’re hit with more and higher tax rates and inflation rates continuing to climb – and they even have the balls to tell us that “…a little controlled inflation is a good thing.”)

So these “Protests” across the nation that we’re seeing plastered all over the news 24/7…In Salt Lake City recently (and remember Utah used to be the Most Conservative State in the Nation), House Oversight & Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz attempted to hold a Town Hall Meeting at a local high school.  What he was met with was a crowd of 2,000 plus liberals who thought they could bully him by hurling crude insults, physically blocking his attempts to come and go from the location and carrying on in the fashion for which the NeoCrats have become known and recognized by and keep in mind that we used to refer to these types of crowds as “Angry Mobs,” and “Violent Droves,” but now they’re just “Protestors.”  I have no doubt that had this been a crowd of Right-leaning folk, we would have heard about “The Terrorist NeoCons attempting to incite a Riot.”  That’s our Lame-Stream Media today.  Chaffetz went on to show how the Sleazy Group, many if not the majority of whom were not even from Utah, had been planning this protest via Facebook, Twitter and other social media postings.   When the stories were put into print by our much beloved journalists, most of them weren’t worthy of lining the floor of a bird cage or covering the floor in the back room where the new puppy was being house trained.

It’s True Because We Said So.

As I have no desire to plug these rags, not even to call them outright liars, I won’t even mention their names, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out who I’m talking about.  The Daily [Lack of] Intelligencer (yes, that’s actually their name, less the special characters) Shouts “Chaffetz Claims -Without Evidence-…,” Online blog The Hill (which should be spelled “Heel”) got the headline correct but hit Copy&Paste for the rest of their article “Chaffetz offered no evidence that the attendees were paid to be there” after quoting him directly “…you could see it online a couple of days before, a concerted effort in part to just cause Chaos.”  I guess The Hill wanted a written list of hyperlinks, names and addresses as “evidence.”  Another headline read “Congressman is righteously booed after dodging a young girls question…”  Remember, these people are “Journalists,” unbiased, truth-seeking, non-opinionated writers of fact.  A journalist in todays world needs only (at least in this country)  a few keys on his keyboard…Ctrl-V and Ctrl-C (Copy and Paste for Non-nerds).  The articles were word-for-word copies (no doubt of AP or Reuters – One source with two names).  My search results only turned up one result in the first few pages that spoke of nearly the exact same events taking place in three other Town Hall Meetings where Republicans held the congressional seats of power.  Each online copy of the “story” even had basically the same ads following the article.  There were three or four photos with headlines about how great Obama was and the wonderful things he has done for our country (had to clean up a little vomit there…) and four or five photo/headline ads about how horrible Trump was.  And every day people among us believe everything they hear on TV, but question everything they hear online.  Why do you think that is?


The CIA…These guys make Hitler, Herod and Alexander the Great seem like Angels!

MK Ultra – Torture of Toddlers

It wasn’t too many years ago that I had a strong, vibrant faith in the US government. The strength of my faith rested in large part on my belief that “our guys” were honest, hard-working, “typical” Americans…you know the type of men who don’t cheat on their wives, love their children, go to church on Sunday, and devote their lives to keeping people like me and my family safe – safe from communists, criminals, Satanic Cults, murderers and the boogey men that surely hid in the shadows. Sure, the president was a powerful man, the congressmen and representatives were good, too, and they all wanted the best for America (Was I really that stupid back then? While I write this, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m a victim of MK Ultra Mind Control and brainwashing). So the guys we saw on TV and read about in the newspaper were of strong moral character and did their best to keep the people of America safe. These ‘visible’ parts of our government were able to do their jobs because the real heroes, the James Bond-Type special agents who worked in the shadows, were the best of the best. I’m talking about the FBI and the CIA of course. Our government was the biggest and best because our supercops and superbrains were the strongest, the best armed and the best informed. I can remember thinking that the CIA knew everything there was to know – they surely were second only to God himself when it came to knowing all the secrets. It was those secrets and that vast knowledge that set these guys apart and made them larger than life.

MK Ultra and the CIA

The CIA and FBI made SURE that the bad elements of our society were locked up – you know the bad elements I’m talking about: The drug dealers, the child killers, the child abusers, the killers, the violent thugs who tortured people, the kidnappers who snatched people off the streets and made sure they were ransomed or killed and never seen again… Our good guys even took care of us in distant lands. They toppled bad governments and killed the horrible people who surely wanted everyone in the US dead. Are you getting the idea that I must have lived in some Utopian Society, or at least knew the good from the bad. Imagine my let down when I would later discover what it was that the FBI and CIA actually did. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that they’re ALL a bunch of thugs or that they’re all just wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m certain that there must be one of two good guys in the groups.
Let’s move on to explore why I chose the title I did, and see just what some groups and people claim that these agencies do, and keep in mind that a great deal of what follows is already common knowledge. Some of what follows has yet to be proved, but ALL of it is well documented, and page after page of information, detailing some of the most disgusting and horrific acts is readily available. I think the CIA even gets top billing for the most deplorable and gross crimes against humanity ever committed (while they’re not the only groups to have committed some of these acts, they top my most disgusting list because they are the very groups committed to finding and stopping these actions.
The CIA is directly responsible for the Kidnapping, Torture and Murder of Children – Thousands upon Thousands of Children – Torture so disgusting and deplorable, most intelligent human beings will instantly dismiss the information as it’s more than their minds can take in.

The person with an ounce of empathy, a conscience or some basic moral fiber will read the claim above and say to him/herself “Bullshit!  Our government has undoubtedly committed some horrible acts, but there is no way in hell that they purposefully torture and murder babies…”  I hope that you’re right, but as you read on I think you’ll begin to understand the title of this post.  WARNING:  The information which follows is horrific, graphic and will more than likely cause you great discomfort – if it doesn’t then you have some serious problems and there is probably no hope for you.

The initial process begins with creating dissociation within the subject, usually occurring from the time of birth to about six years. This is primarily achieved through the use of electroshock (ECT) and is at times performed even when the child is in the mother’s womb. Due to the severe trauma induced through ECT, sexual abuse and other methods, the mind splits off into alternate personalities from the core. Ted Gunderson had this to say: "The Finders - A CIA front established in the 1960's - It has top clearance and protection in its assigned task of kidnapping and torture-programming young children throughout the U.S. Members are specially trained government kidnappers known to be sexual degenerates who involve the kidnapped children in satanic sex orgies and bloody rituals as well as the murders of other children and slaughter of animals.    They use a fleet of unmarked vans to grab targeted children from parks and schoolyards. In doing so they use children within their organization as decoys to attract the victims close to the vans where they are grabbed by adults. They then drug the children and transport them to a series of safe houses for safe keeping. They are then used in their ceremonies for body parts, sex slaves and some are auctioned off at various locations in the northern hemisphere. In the past, they have been auctioned off near a location in Nevada and Toronto, Canada. Marion David Pettie, the leader of the cult, is an identified homosexual pedophile and a CIA officer. His son was an employee of a CIA proprietary firm, Air America, which was notorious for smuggling drugs, destined for the US, out of the Golden Triangle into Saigon during the Vietnam war."    That is a very significant piece of evidence here. That shows that as early as 1964, the CIA was in fact experimenting ... or a person with probable CIA connections ... was experimenting on young children with LSD and other similar drugs.
Sources Available at The Original Site: [Read More...]

To Follow is some very detailed information, provided by possibly the top researcher in the field of MK Ultra Mind Control, it’s beginnings, it’s methodology, it’s victims, it’s programmers and it’s finacing.  It is important to note that the CIA didn’t just make this shit up one day.  I like to believe that in it’s early stages the CIA was not the sadistic group of degenerates it is today.  The story of the CIA and it’s connection to mind control and the torture and murder of babies and children begins when they chose to bring the sadistic Nazi war criminals to the US, under a vail of secrecy called Operation Paperclip -there will be more about that later.  You’ve no doubt heard of the disgusting and horrific “medical experiments” performed by the Nazi’s on their Jewish victims…What you’re not told by our wonderful media and government is that much of that “experimentation” was performed on babies and children, in hopes that the Nazi’s could produce super soldiers under heavy mind control.  The experiments involved nothings short of find out just how much trauma the human body could tolerate before dying.  Imagine hooking an infant up to electricity and shocking it with larger and larger doses of current until the fried mind and body could not live.  This was all in a days work for scumbags like Josef Mengele.  He had a practically unlimited supply of victims ranging in age from newborn to ninety!  As horrible as all that is – there were hundreds of human scum who helped him torture children to death – the US government, using it’s CIA smuggled these shitbags into the US and set them up with all manner of nice lifestyles, and gave them the tools, the facilities, the equipment and staff to keep right on torturing infants, babies, toddlers, youngsters, teens and adults!  Mengele may be long dead, but the practice continues to this day.  Where do you think the all those missing children go every year in the US – Conservative estimates place the number of people that vanish without a trace in the US at 300,000 – 400,000.  The number starts at one million and begins to lower as people are found, cases are found to be family kidnappings or runaway situations, some of the missing kids really aren’t missing, but after all the addition is done, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who just simply vanish in the United States – most of them children.

The following is taken from an interview with Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler – Fritz was the researcher and Cisco was a CIA victim, who regained some of her own mind back and lived to expose what was going on.

...We are going to be talking to Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, co-authors of the "Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave" and "Deeper Insights", books about trauma based conditioning mind control. Fritz is a researcher about the Illuminati and minister to mind control victims. Cisco Wheeler says she is from a generational Illuminati family and that trauma-based mind control was perpetrated against her from birth. We will hear the interview with Cisco in a couple of weeks, and today we are going to hear an interview with Fritz Springmeier. Fritz talks about the Illuminati families and how they have used mind control to consolidate their power throughout history...

Wayne Morris:
Good morning, welcome to the International Connection. This is show #35 in the radio series on Mind Control and over the next few shows we are going to be talking to Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, co-authors of the "Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave" and "Deeper Insights", books about trauma based conditioning mind control. Fritz is a researcher about the Illuminati and minister to mind control victims. Cisco Wheeler says she is from a generational Illuminati family and that trauma-based mind control was perpetrated against her from birth. We will hear the interview with Cisco in a couple of weeks, and today we are going to hear an interview with Fritz Springmeier. Fritz talks about the Illuminati families and how they have used mind control to consolidate their power throughout history. You are listening to CKLN 88.1 FM.
I am speaking with Fritz Springmeier author, lecturer and minister to mind control survivors. Welcome to the show Fritz.

Fritz Springmeier:
Thank you and hello to all you listeners out there in radioland. I encourage you to participate with our program today because we are going to be speaking about some important things that affect your life and will affect the lives of your grandchildren.

Wayne Morris:
I would like to start off with asking you how you first came across the information about government mind control.

Fritz Springmeier:
Government mind control overlaps with many other things - it overlaps with a higher government and a secret world government called the Illuminati. As I investigated the Illuminati I had to also learn about their front that they operate. They hide behind the veil of National Security. They use our patriotism against us and make us think that for our own interest, for our own security of our own nations, that we have to subject ourselves to all the secrecy that they impose upon us.

Wayne Morris:
Did you come across all the information about mind control through your research into the Illuminati, or vice versa?

Fritz Springmeier:
Yes, through the Illuminati. That's not to say that I hadn't been watching the government too, but a lot of what we see out front is just that - it's a front and if we really want to understand what's going on, we have to look behind that front.

Wayne Morris:
Maybe you could explain to our listeners, to your understanding, who are the Illuminati?

Fritz Springmeier:
The Illuminati are the movers and shakers of the world. They are an elite group of bloodlines - I call these tribes or families - there are 13 major bloodlines. They are what are called "generational satanists". That means that they have practised their secret witchcraft for many centuries and they have passed their religion down from one generation to the next. They lead double lives. They have one life that the world sees and then they have a hidden life that the world doesn't see. There have been very few people that have been able to break through the secrecy. They have taken secrecy to a fine art that I would never have believed that anyone could achieve until I started getting into this, and there have been very few people over the years that have broken through that secrecy at all. There was a man named John Robison who wrote proofs of a conspiracy against all the religions and governments in Europe carried on in the secret meetings of the Freemasons, the Illuminati and reading societies. That came out in 1798 and the Bavarian government, by raiding several safe houses of the Illuminati, captured original Illuminati documents back at that time period which were bound and sent out to all the governments entitled: "Die Originalschriften des Illuminatens Ordens" as the German title the Bavarian government gave it.
But in modern times there have been very few people that have been able to talk about the Illuminati as it exists today, and that's been my job. To bring to the world who these people are, what their traditions are, what they are doing, everything about them. The reason I am giving a longer version here to your question is that when someone asks who or what are the Illuminati, they do not think like we do. People often times interpret things around them in terms of how they themselves think or their own world view. If you want to understand the Illuminati, you have to understand that these people do not think like you or I.
In just one area alone, that is a large percentage of these people are programmed multiple personalities and just that in itself creates a whole different thinking pattern from those of us who are not multiple.
[Read More...]

This post is getting long.  I think I’ll break it up into more than just one post as this is a huge subject.  There are thousands of websites and literally hundreds of books which talk about what the CIA really does.  When you stop and think about it for a minute, and you consider all the technology at the disposal of our government “intelligence” agencies, and what they can do if they want to, you’ll begin to understand that when it comes to American Security, War, Terrorism and anything that an intelligence agency would be interested in there is no such thing as an accident or a surprise.  Try to convince somebody who really knows this and understands what the CIA can do, and then try to convince them that the CIA didn’t know that TWENTY Muslim Terrorists were planning to hijack FOUR US Airliners and crash them into High-Profile Targets (It’s laughable that people actually believe the “official” stories put out by our government).  Maybe I worded that bit about 9-11 Wrong – I guess the CIA didn’t know about the Twenty Muslims because there weren’t ANY Muslims planning to hijack ANY US Airliners…They no doubt knew about the Twenty Muslims who would take the blame…

Hello world!

[boon-dog-uh l, -daw-guh l]
Noun and Verb
a product of simple manual skill, as a plaited leather cord for the neck or a knife sheath, made typically by a camper or a scout.
2. work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy.
3. a project funded by the federal government out of political favoritism that is of no real value to the community or the nation.
verb (used with object), boondoggled, boondoggling.
4. to deceive or attempt to deceive:to boondoggle investors into a low-interest scheme.verb (used without object), boondoggled, boondoggling.
5. to do work of little or no practical value merely to keep or look busy.


Welcome to Boondoggle…Where we’ll be writing about such things as Conspiracy Theory, The Illuminati, Bigfoot and how so many people can claim to have seen him but why he’s always hanging out in blurry or out-of-focus locations or behind a rock or tree…  We’ll also explore politics -and how we don’t really care if you lean to the left or the right because both parties are different roads to the same lame end!

Let’s see…there’s the New World Order, The Reptilians, Aliens, Demons, Satanism…(takes time to catch breath)…MK Ultra Mind Control, The Clinton’s, The Obamas, The Bush Family…and the CIA-FBI-MI5 and basically all “Intelligence” agencies.

We are not publishing this information to proclaim its truthfulness, or that we believe wholeheartedly everything written about on this site.  The topics we choose to discuss are popular topics that many believe to be true, some hope to be true and many believe to be complete nonsense.  We believe the topics to be interesting and worthy of further discussion, or we may find the topics and the widely available (and sometimes hidden) information about the subject matter to be to compelling and convincing.

Whatever you like to believe or choose to believe, we welcome your thoughts, comments and viewpoints.

-Hunter | Feb 1, 2017