Is Congress Trying to Get Rid of Trump

President Donald Trump -One Thing Right About America

Let’s face it; President Trump has known for a long time that Washington DC, i.e. our gigantic Aristocracy, which our government wants you to believe is actually a “constitutional Republic, masquerading as a democracy” is one large cesspool.  I’ve known for a long time that it’s one giant pile of corrupt shit.  Our public servants are anything but servants; they’re nobility by definition and by their own admission.  They are destroying our country, piece by piece, and law by law…  I still can’t believe that President Trump was actually elected and sworn into office.  I also think he’s the best thing to happen to America in a long time.  How sad that the younger generation, the democrats and the ignorant see him as an elitist, out to destroy everything good about her (America).  That sounds a little bit like Satanism, by definition – They’ve taken what Trump doing (Restoring our Constitutional Republic – Draining the Swamp) and labeled it the exact opposite of what it really is.  If you can honestly (and I mean fucking honestly – your words, your opinions – not the bullshit that you’ve been brainwashed with) argue that what Trump is doing is not in the best interests of our country and the legal citizens of this country, then by all means, pull your head out and comment!  Your Silence is Deafening!

Here’s What InfoWars had to say about it…

Members of Congress are holding “secret conversations”
about removing President Donald Trump from office following a
“difficult first 100 days,” according to a report from The New
Yorker magazine…
“Nobody occupies the White House without criticism, but Trump
is besieged by doubts of a different order, centering on the
overt, specific, and, at times, bipartisan discussion of
whether he will be engulfed by any one of myriad problems
before he has completed even one term in office—and, if he is,
how he might be removed,” wrote Evan Osnos.
Osnos claims to have “interviewed several dozen people about
the prospects of cutting short Trump’s Presidency,” including
“his friends and advisers; to lawmakers and attorneys who
have conducted impeachments; to physicians and historians;
and to current members of the Senate, the House, and the
intelligence services.” [Read More…]

So I guess the haters gonna keep hating. I do find it odd that a person gets elected to the office of President, states that he’s going to give the power back to the people, and make sure that corruption and scandal are a thing of the past, and he’s hated as if he’s fucking Hitler! Do you fucking leftist-idiot-fucks hear what you’re saying…I guess you want a Corrupt Government to control your lives. That’s what it amounts to! Think about it…or is thinking something you idiots don’t do? Even if Trump was the most evil, scandalous SOB to ever live, I would think that everyone (except the corrupt) would applaud statement like Trump’s… Maybe someone can explain why wanting to give the power back to the people is bad, and why ridding the government of corruption is bad…And don’t try to argue like a politician and give me that “what he’s really saying is…” I’m asking your democrats a simple question: “How can you hate Trump based on his statements about ‘giving the power back to the people,’ and ‘ridding DC of corruption?. Please, someone explain, my goddamn head hurts.
Hell, somone write me an email and I’ll post your essay on this site if you can answer my questions. I’ll even shut up or change the subject.