FBI Director Comey gets Shit-Canned | Will We Ever Know The Entire Story?

WHY DID HE REPEATEDLY LIE THROUGH HIS ASS AGAIN AND AGAIN to the American People when we were calling for Hillary’s broom?  The disgusting waste of flesh should be rotting in a Federal Prison right now, She clearly and unquestionably committed several Felony Crimes, Lied to Congress (while under oath? Anybody?) about those crimes, Received “Above the Law” treatment by the FBI before, during and after their “investigation” and clearly had help doing it.

Pres. Trump -Fine with LBGT Crowd.

The Dumbocrats can say all they want to about President Trump, but his worst day ever does not even stand on the same planet when compared to this bullshit – and this is just another day at the fucking office for Hillary.  Those goddamn fucking Clinton’s make me sick to my stomach, and you fucking retarded Dumbocrats wanted to make her President of the United States?  Let that sink in, and then ask yourself the question, assuming you wanted this sick bitch to lead our country…What does that say about you?  If you don’t hang your head in Ninja-like shame, then you’re every bit the Sick and Twisted Fucks the Republicans make you out to be!  Does that make you mad?  Does that make you want to crawl through your network cabling, put your fist through my monitor and cold-cock me?  The Truth Hurts like a motherfucker!  Doesn’t it?!

Here’s more, and this isn’t some rant about the corruption and scandal in DC by some guy who loves his country and wants to expose the corruption and scum holding elected officials…I’m talking every bit about the Republican scum here as well…In my book  Elected Official-Scum (or as they want US to think of them…Public Servants) and Politician-Scum are equally useless, slimy shit bags that should be rounded up and executed en-mass!  These fuckwads have taken, taken and taken some more and fed their own fat asses and those of their families and friends for too long (some of them their entire careers…did someone say Obama, Reid, Feinstein, McConnell, McCain, Pelosi, Boehner, Rangel and Boxer?  Thought I heard the nail-on-a-chalkboard sound of the names of the likes of …)  And because we the sheeple were and are so goddamn sick of this type bullshit, we kicked them out of office as fast as our little fingers could vote in the 2014 elections…Right?  Wrong as Fuck!  The 2014 Elections had a 95%+ incumbent winning percentage!  For more on who’s been slopping themselves at the public feeding troughs for 20+ years, click here for a well-written piece by Tyler Durden.

OK, here’s what I’ve been getting to…Taken from Judicial Watch…Yes, the article included a pitch asking for money so they could “fix” things.  Maybe they can and would or will, but like so many Americans, I will not and cannot give money to another group who claims they are going to fix America…if only we’ll give them our money.  Here’s a hint, solicitors of funds to Fix this Broken Mess of a Country…Tell us what you’ll do and how you’ll do it, and then tell us not to send you any money…Help us to know that you and yours are so patriotic you’re going to do this because it’s the right thing to do…not because it’s the profitable thing to do.  I mean, Jesus, for all I know these guys at Judicial Watch (and this is just my own personal example, I’m sure they are a stand-up organization -again it’s just an example) send out a request for donations email blasting the Dems, and a different server at their same building sends out a request for donations blasting the Republicans…

"(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit to obtain Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records relating to its “investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a non-government email server during her tenure.”  

No one is above the law – including James Comey – and that’s why your JW intends to find out the truth about how the Obama administration’s FBI and Justice Department abused their powers to protect Hillary Clinton and target Donald Trump.

And so, through this lawsuit, Judicial Watch is investigating the investigators!

Congress won’t do it.  And the liberal media won’t do it.  But Judicial Watch is going to court to get the truth on this and some many other DC corruption issues.