Time to Decapitate Dicaprio -He Stands to Loose Money over Paris Climate BS

So Leo Dicaprio is pissed that President Donald Trump had the balls to stand up and do what’s right. Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Counsel was the right thing to do -anyone with a brain knows that mankind cannot and will not ever fuck the earth over! Goddamn, we’re pretentious little fuckers, we humans. Stop and think for just a minute…Our Earth (sure, I call it “Mother”) has been around for a little while. It’s “seen some shit” if you get my drift. Earth will be here long after the little virus called mankind is gone and

DiCaprio’s worried that his wallet might shrink when Trump Does the Right Thing!

forgotten. The Earth has survived far worse than man could and has ever thrown at it. It’s survived multiple Ice Ages, Heat Waves, Volcanic Winters, Rising Tides, Sinking Tides, Plates Shifting (and moving, rising, falling, breaking, twisting, splitting, sinking into the ocean, rising from the ocean and plates forming and being obliterated), Comet Collisions, Meteor Collisions, (Possible) Planetary Collisions… Get the picture? Big, tough, man, who knows everything, enters the scene and we’re going to fuck Earth over and destroy it. We’re Killing the Earth, we tell our children -we teach them this in our Liberal-Controlled Institutions of lower learning (You know, schools; the place were the liberal agenda is thrust upon everyone and preached as the True and Correct method to all happiness; The place were our Republican Presidents are laughed at, lied about, preached against, and made out to be evil bastards).

So Trump does the right thing, stands up for what he believes in, does exactly what he says he was going to do in his run for President, and the Liberal Assholes freak the fuck out. I recall reading one headline, somewhere (I saw it at least twenty times, so we know goddamn well where it came from and who was behind it being at the top of every “news” website known to mankind…”Trump Tells the World to Go Fuck Itself,” the headline read. It should have read, Trump Tells the Liberal Agenda, Al Gore and the rest of the dickheads making major bank off this bullshit lie called “Global Warming,” then later, when they realized that people (the ones with brains and the ones who think for themselves) weren’t buying their brand of bullshit, they changed the name to an easier to digest “Climate Change,” and hid in the fine print “Caused by Man.” Leo gets all bent out of shape and decides it’s his turn to “blast” President Trump, and the lame-stream media swallows it hook. line and sinker. Leo really must love the Earth, to stand up to President Trump like that -the thousands of stories written and posted tried to get us to believe…Then the truth comes out, and we’re not surprised in the fucking slightest. Leo stands to loose money now…his movie (I wont’ even plug the fucker here) might get a few million less viewers, and that will hit him right in the fucking wallet. Like the assholes wallet isn’t fucking large enough already…the greedy fucker!

Here’s a post I liked from “Business Today,” from one called “Not-Buying-Bullshit,” it reads:  Taken From: Business Today – DiCaprio Blasts Trump…
Leo will loose money. That’s all he’s concerned about. Leo can point to all the “scientific” data and reports he wants to, but in the end it doesn’t take a scientist, or even an educated person to KNOW that the Earth has been around long before the virus called “mankind,” and it will be here long after man is gone and forgotten. The Earth has survived far worse than man could or can ever throw at it (think multiple ice ages, heat waves, plates shifting, earthquakes, floods, collisions with other planets, comets, meteors, mountain ranges rising and falling, seas forming and drying up, supernova, cosmic radiation, gamma ray bursts…)
There are just as many (if not more) scientific reports and data that clearly state that human-caused greenhouse gas have zero to an extremely minuscule affect on climate. It wasn’t that long ago that we were being told that our planet was freezing and on the verge of a new ice age. It wasn’t that long ago that predictions were made about our reservoirs and lakes being dry by 2015 (my house is about to flood because the nearest reservoir is beyond it’s capacity and the river(s) have overran their banks by up to 3/4 a mile). Once the money from “Global Warming” has dried up, and the movies, books and documentaries have milked their money from the populace, a new disaster just appearing on the horizon will magically form and we’ll hear about how that is man’s fault as well. Time to Move On!

I could not agree more!

NYC’s Nordstrom Tower set to Become Tallest Residential Tower on Earth

A 1775-Foot Tower will Rise on West 57th Street – Midtown Manhattan, USA
Yes, it’s true.  After letting the middle east and Asia kick our damn asses for quite some time, New York City is finally topping off some of it’s highly anticipated supertalls!

Nordstrom Tower will become the Tallest Residential Tower on Earth, once completed (unless fucking Dubai tops off another one, which they will, but this blog isn’t about fucking Dubai…It’s about New York City, the Best City on this Planet, the 2nd Moust-Populous Metro Region (behind Tokyo’s 35,000,000 – NYC  is just over 25,000,000 – Jesus, that’s a lot of people).

SuperTall Skyscrapers around the World

There are rumors about Nordstrom Tower not being able to erect it’s spire, which will knock 300ish-feet off the height count.  It may only top out oat 1550 – That is still incredibly tall.  I recall 26 years ago, living in Manhattan, I felt that I was king of the world.  “The Trades,” as my group called them, were such elegant symbols of America’s Power and Might!  It really doesn’t matter if Osama-Fuckwad or the Bush-Administration brought the towers down, and to be completely honest, you’d have to ignore far too many facts and oddities to believe for a second that a bunch of Mussie-Rats brought those towers down…I mean really – The fucking flames somehow burnt hot enough to melt the steel (when it’s been proven, and it’s a known fact that jet-fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the type of steel used in the WTC…I think my favorite’s are…No plane at the pentagon…It just burned up into nothing.  My friend if you believe that could happen, do some research on the Rolls-Royce engines used on that plane…Also consider that the Pentagon, without a shadow of a doubt the most highly secured structure on earth, with more security cameras per pound of concrete and steel than any structure on the planet…and we get a fuzzy image from some ATM across the way showing a fireball exploding.  Where are the planes, George?  I guess they really think people are that dumb, and I have to agree with them, people are that dumb!  Back to the fire…it somehow burned hot enough to cause these buildings to collapse.  Note the construction of the towers did not use interior support columns, and was almost tube-like, with a large support “column” running up the middle of the tower and perimeter columns to which the “base clips” held the floor joists up…They can use all the “science” they wish to, they can say heat and temperature are not the same thing, that the columns did not melt, yada, yada, yada…End result, the WTC is THE ONLY STEEL-CONSTRUCTION building on earth to have been brought down by fire…So back to the fires towards the top…They burned hot enough to do all this damage yet one tiny piece of paper, which just happened to be the passport of one of the “hi-jackers” survived -it was in his pocket or luggage and the explosion “pushed” it gently from it’s cushioned home and into a fire that was burning around 1200F-1500F.  All the other pieces of paper up there were vaporized, disintegrated, blown to microscopic bits of ash, yet this one piece of evidence, almost a smoking gun survived all that commotion and destruction and fell gently to the ground where a US Government official just happened to pick it up!  I think that’s the biggest load of fucking bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life, and it’s such an unbelievable, horribly constructed, vomitus load of fucking bullshit, it insults the honor and memory of the fallen hero’s and loved ones who were butchered by…I hate to say it, but our fucking government!

Nordstrom Tower at 1550-Feet Sans Spire

So the Nordstrom tower will add another supertall to Midtown’s In-challenged skyline (and Fuck that shit about Hong Kong having more skyscrapers than NYC – they’ve used a definition to reach their desired conclusion. Go to skyscraperpage.com and look. Yes, Hong Kong is mind blowing, has gigantic beautiful, wonderous skyscrapers, but New York’s Manhattan Island is unchallenged in it’s reign as King of the Skyscraper Club. And yes, Dubai has some tall buildings, and has a very impessive skyline, but the number of buildings there, doesn’t even begin to reach New York’s…It also amazes me how Dubai, a city with only 2-Million People in it’s entire Metro area can fill the downtown office buildings and hotels and residential highrises they have constructed.
Maybe someone can explain what is going on there…I’d guess that the vacancy rate of office space in Dubia is sky-high! Who knows though.
So I’ll end this blog-post with a picture that shows what Manhattan will look like down the road, when the buildings under construction and awaiting ground-breaking are topped out!

New New York City (is this Futurama?)

Muhammed Ali, Muslim Racist and Hater of Whites

Taken from The Judicial Watch Blog -Corruption Chronicles.  As it turns out, Muhammad Ali was not the Greatest, unless you’re talking about Racism, Hate of Whites and Black Supremacy.  I’m waiting for someone to get pissed off and say it’s all OK, after all this guy’s Muhammad Ali.  I don’t even need to ad my opinions, I’ll let you read and make your own conclusions.

-As Family Uses his Fame to try and Defeat Racial & Religious Profiling.

MAY 03, 2017 As a Nation of Islam heavyweight, boxing legend Muhammad Ali referred to Caucasians as “white devils” and “crackers” and told mosque worshipers that “black women have the best sons and daughters in the world,” according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records  obtained by Judicial Watch. Known as Cassius Clay before converting to Islam, Ali also said “programs of integration are useless,” that blacks want separation not integration and that the 1964 Civil Rights Act was a “swindle.” The three-time heavyweight champion also told Muslims during a mosque delivery that “the so-called Negro is the original man and is superior to the white devil” and that he’d rather be with his own people than “blue-eyed devil white people.”

Muslim Racist and Hater of Whites                says the FBI

The FBI files  present a picture of the late heavyweight champion that is clearly at odds with much of the image portrayed at the time of his death last year. His deep involvement with the Nation of Islam and its racially divisive rhetoric and behavior is part of a record that deserves to be revealed and contradicts Ali’s image as a civil rights icon. The hundreds of pages of documents are related to the FBI’s investigation of Ali for evading the draft and the government’s monitoring of the Nation of Islam, which is described by the agency as an “all-Negro, quasi-religious organization which espouses a line of violent hatred of the white race, Government, law and law enforcement.” The federal surveillance files show that Ali told a Washington D.C. mosque crowd that he preferred “dying outright” or going to jail than going into the Army and at a Cleveland mosque the boxer said the American flag “represented death and destruction” but the “Muslim flag” represents “life and prosperity, justice for all black men.” The records reveal the great threat the FBI perceived the Nation of Islam to be in the 1960s and that Ali was closely monitored by the agency as a “security matter” due to his associations with Nation of Islam leaders Elijah Mohammad and Malcom X. The Nation of Islam followed Mohammad’s interpretation of the “Koran,” the FBI records say, which taught that white people are “white devils” to be destroyed in a coming “War of Armageddon.” In April 1964, Ali’s plans to travel to Muslim countries alarmed the FBI and the agency searched his passport files and recorded that while in Accra, Ghana, Ali said he planned to bring four wives back to the US. Ali’s ex-wife, Sonji Roi, informed the FBI that the Nation of Islam received 80% of the boxer’s earnings while he only got 20%. The records also state that Ali was arrested for assault and battery in July 1960 at his parents’ home in Louisville, Kentucky and that his mother witnessed the crime.
Judicial Watch had to sue the government to get the records, which are decades old but come to light as Ali’s family ironically uses his name and legacy to launch a national campaign to end racial and religious profiling. Just weeks ago, Ali’s second wife, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, and son, Muhammad Ali Jr, announced that they’re launching an anti-discrimination initiative called “Step into the Ring.” The inspiration came from getting detained and questioned at a south Florida airport where mother and son claim they were racially and religiously profiled. The Alis were returning from a Jamaican Black History month event in February and assert that federal immigration officers harassed them. As part of their “Step into the Ring” campaign they traveled to Capitol Hill in March to make a plea to end racial and religious profiling. During congressional testimony Camacho-Ali said this: “Somebody needs to turn this ‘humanity’ switch on because we’re not going to go back to Robert E. Lee,” referring to the Civil War Confederate Army commander. “We must step into the ring and fight this thing and keep fighting it until it’s done because it will be done,” she continued. When Muhammad Ali died in Phoenix, Arizona last June hordes of media outlets published obituaries rehashing his spectacular boxing career and accomplishments as a civil rights idol. One mainstream news outlet called Ali a “civil rights champion ” and “an emblem of strength, eloquence, conscience and courage.” Another wrote that, along with a fearsome reputation as a fighter, Ali spoke out against racism, war and religious intolerance. Then President Barack Obama issued a statement saying that Ali fought for everyone. “He stood with King and Mandela,” Obama said, adding that the boxer “stood up when it was hard; spoke out when others wouldn’t. His fight outside the ring would cost him his title and his public standing. It would earn him enemies on the left and the right, make him reviled, and nearly send him to jail. But Ali stood his ground. And his victory helped us get used to the America we recognize today,” the former president said in a White House statement that was published worldwide. Ali’s FBI files certainly paint a vastly different portrait of the boxer.


A Full Dose of Truth


No, this isn’t about smoking.  If it were about smoking, it would be about smoking dope, not tobacco.  Either way, I got to thinking yesterday about how I’m getting older, and time is flying.  I can remember so vividly, like it’s a movie on an IMAX screen, life in New York City when I was twenty years old.  I called Brooklyn home then, and lived only a few floors above a small Pool Hall / Bar, and directly on top of (it seemed) the N-line.  When boredom set in, it was the perfect excuse to climb the stairs to top floor of the building and quickly get through the rooftop access door hoping the quick sounding of the alarm would be just another meaningless vibration to the ears of anyone nearby.  Once on the roof, I could make my way to the edge, sit down and just stair.  I’d gaze at the sight before me as if it were a fantasy, a page from an encyclopedia (that’s how goddamn long ago it was – no Internet, Google or digital cameras back then) or a

The New York I Used to Know

snip from a movie.  I’d sat there and stared like that a dozen times, yet it was still hard to believe that I was gazing upon the most beautiful, breathtaking view imaginable (to me at least).  The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center stood mightily towards the rear of my view, as if they were proud parents, smiling proudly over their beautiful skyscraper children in front of them.  With the hazy sky as their backdrop, the 110-story buildings were a symbol of power, strength, financial prowess and world-dominance.  New York City was and still is Earth’s Capital City, and my presence there gave me a sense of pride and superiority that was as good as any high -drug-induced or otherwise.  The fact that I just happened to have a small bowl of super-strength herb with me, and a pipe to smoke it in, all while New York called me one of its own was enough anticipation to literally give my stomach butterflies -not the nervous kind, but the kind that a kid might get when he’s on his way to the amuzement park with his dad!

So the minutes faded into an hour, thoughts from my past flooded my mind as I heard the voices of my parents giving me praise and instructions, I saw the smiles on the faces of my friends as I wondered where they were while I sat enjoying my wondrous view of lower Manhattan, and I saw the demons that always rode on my shoulders, both sides even, and they screamed at me and told me how I reminded them of Satan himself.  I laughed until I cried, and then I laughed because I was crying.  I recalled how I was always running from something, in search of comfort and peace, and then it hit me how my running, which I’d always hated and called my greatest weakness had brought me to right where I was sitting at that very moment.  How could my weakness lead me to a good place?  Ii wondered.  I heard the lyrics to a song by Rush, “The Camera Eye,” and pondered if maybe Neil Peart might have been sitting right where I was when he wrote that song!  I quickly corrected myself and thought of the many other spots, in Manhattan, that he could have been sitting at to receive the spiritual inspiration he did to write those words.  He wrote:

Taken from "The Camera Eye"

Grim-faced and forbidding
Their faces closed tight
An angular mass of New Yorkers
Pacing in rhythm
Race the oncoming night
They chase through the streets of Manhattan
Head-first humanity
Pause at a light
Then flow through the streets of the city

The buildings are lost 
In their limitless rise 
My feet catch the pulse 
And the purposeful stride 

--Neil Peart

So as I sat there and enjoyed the last few minutes of my high and felt sorry for those friends of mine, and the people I’d left out west, because they would never get the chance to be where I was, right there – right then. I took one last meaningful look towards the World Trade Center and thought how mighty it was, and how I might be able to one day show this site, which meant so much to me, to the people I loved, after all, something so big and strong, like the proud parents they were, minding their skyscraper children, would surely be there when that future time came!

Imagine my surprise, when twelve or so years later, I stood in the reception area at my office in some big western city I won’t name, and watched as those big, giant, powerful towers stood burning, like witches tied to a stake. Then they fell to the earth. I recall looking at a co-worker and saying “there goes at least 30,000 people. There are 50,000 people who work in each tower, each day. That’s un-fucking-believable!”

Fast-forward another fifteen years, and I’m driving down the freeway, living in another big western city, thinking about my parents and others that had helped me become the person that I am. I wanted to say “Thank you…” right then and there, as I was in one of those reflective moods where words of love come easy and thoughts can be so meaningful, and wishes come so quickly. I don’t know how or why, but the Twin Towers came to my mind, and I remembered sitting there, on that rooftop in Brooklyn. Those goddamn towers are gone now. Blown up and toppled like they were made of feathers, I thought to myself, and I thought they’d be there long after I was gone.

So ends my dose of truth. You can take what you want out of this post, if you want to take anything at all. What I was hoping that you’d take was the fact that the strong, mighty people we look up to, such as our parents, mentors, friends and grandparents, as big and strong as they are, will fall to the earth like those two towers, and then they’ll be gone forever. Maybe we’ll get to see them again, some day; it’s nice and comforting to think like that, and it’s that very thought that holds the minds of so many people to their “religion.” The religious dogma I was taught as a child, has grown into a web of lies, and brings me nothing anymore. Maybe I’d better just quit writing and tell my loved ones that they are my loved ones.