A Victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Give the Devil his Jew

Speaks Out…The following is taken directly, word-for-word, from a post by a person willing to share his sickening story of what happened to him as a young man in Caracas, Venezuela. It’s not really a story, but more a collection of memories. Say what you will about SRA. The FBI says it does not exist! What the fuck would you expect them to say? Hell, they are fucking direct perpetrators of it; they allow it to happen, they cover it up, they make sure the guilty are not prosecuted and that the bodies of any victims that die are never found…

What I Remember So Far – Grabbed from school:
I would be taken from my school. The director of the school would pick me up from class and leave me in one of the side play areas of the school. I would wonder why, and why there are no other kids. I’d be left there by myself until someone tall would come to get me. He will walk fast, say nothing, just come, grab me, and put me inside a big plastic bag with a zipper. This someone would be my grandfather from my mothers side…

The school closed unexpectedly in 1985 after I completed Year 7. The director took all the money and ran away leaving the school to collapse financially. I was 13 by then, and I think it all stopped then. My grandfather was around 70 by then.

This started when I was five and happened – Regularly, Systematically.
Nothing would be said. Just his look with his crystallized eyes, and a frantic smile that will show sometimes. His smell was very particular, like talcum powder mixed with a cheap perfume. His car would be very hot with no air conditioner. A few times I managed to peek out. It was a dark blue Chevy Nova, possibly a 76, with hot plastic seats, and a particular smell of grease.

Generally I couldn’t see where I was taken. A few times I could peek out. It was somewhere to the south. I remember passing through many slums-suburbs, but Caracas is made of many of them. Can’t remember much from here.

Grooming, Drugging and Prepared for Abuse
We would enter a huge building that looked like a church, with a post-modernist architecture. From the outside it could be seen that the building was made from a concrete structure with white walls. It was cold and dark inside and most of it was covered by wood and steel, and it had wooden furniture. No soft surfaces; it was all hard, sharp, cold.
Certain kids, the ones to be enjoyed on that day will be taken to a nurse station. It would look like a hospital, with white granite floor, white tiles and a strong smell of alcohol and disinfectants.
I was generally taken there. Nurses will come and inspect me. They will clean and bath me, making sure there is not the littlest spec of dirt or imperfection. They will clean my anus first with an enema, and then they will go painstakingly with an oil soaked cotton.
The place looked like a complex factory. A bunch of nurses working around the clock, grooming a bunch of kids. There would be guys that will come around every now and then and make sure it was all under control. They would grab randomly a kid and inspect the grooming pedantically, particularly the anus. They will explode in frantic rage if something wasn’t in perfect order. They would be dressed as a German Nazi soldiers. My grandfather would do this role. He was good at exploding in rage, and screaming, and whiping whoever did something wrong.
The whipping would go without stopping until the nurse would fall unconscious to the floor. I would feel guilty, because I would feel I couldn’t be clean, without excrement in my anus, so that the worker could be spared. I would go again trough the whole cleaning process.
Kids would be treated like objects. There was no human contact or interaction. The Nazi soldiers would be watching and making sure this doesn’t happen. Again, anything abnormal like a small interaction, comforting, or anything not robotic will be punished severely.
I would be dressed in white and be dispatched somewhere else in the “hospital”. In there I would be injected different substances. I think I remember my grandmother from my mother side working in this station. She looked sad and petrified, yet she carried on with the job like a lifeless machine.
The injections were very painful. Some on the arm, some on the back.

The Pit
Some of the kids would be placed in a pit, shaped like an oval. It would be dark, and we couldn’t see the floor. There would be a selection of kids, the ones to be sexually abused after dinner. These were not the kids to be killed, although they would sometimes throw in dead kids to terrorize us.
I remember one of the first times in there I was walking around the pit and bumped into something. I picked it up, it was a small girl, probably aged 4. She was of dark skin and dressed in white. With curly hair, like a typical pretty little girl. She was dead, cold dead. She was strangled, it was obvious.
I looked around trying to get help but obviously didn’t get any. I just dropped her back in the floor.
This was very traumatic for me. I was so scared. The Nazi soldiers where there looking and not moving at all. The dinner guests where just looking and laughing. They were enjoying my shock and suffering. My helplessness, they were mocking my attempts to do something, to help the girl. But they were just enjoying their dinner, and the show.
They were sitting at luxurious tables and having the most luxurious attention. With dedicated waiters and chefs. The most luxurious dinner possible, with huge tables filled with the best foods money can buy. They had huge lobsters, which is very uncommon in Venezuela, but something only the rich have.
I would remember their faces. They would be many of the most important politicians and celebrities in Caracas. The ones that would appear in articles in the newspapers, nearly every day.
They would be extremely well dressed, and have the best customs and highest class communications. Very refined, and very meticulous about appearance.
We would just be like the lobsters on display for them to choose who to abuse and torture after dinner.
In the background there would be women that would be hanging on the walls. Some of them with a white robe, others naked. They would all be dark haired, none blonde. They all would look like they were 18-25 years old. They were very young and good looking. All of them would be wounded severely and bleeding. They would moan in despair, and sometimes manage to move. Some would be quiet, probably already dead. This was just part of the décor. Nobody would attend to them or even pay attention. They would all be hanged with their back to the wall, and they would look very sad. Some would look like they were asking for someone to help them, but the indifference was devastating.
We were not allowed to look at them or at anyone. If we did a Nazi soldier would spring, scream, and punish us.

After Dinner
Guests would retire, and the room would be empty.  I would be taken into a private room and left there, waiting for the guest that had chose me,  to come and abuse me.
There were many, many of them.  Many times.
This part of the ritual was a relief though.  It would only involve abuse, and perhaps torture, in a one on one fashion . No group praying, killing or severe torture. No ceremony.
It was horrible to wait because I didn’t know what or who to expect next.
I remember a Chinese man, dressed like an important executive. He was very violent.  It was the worst.  He would penetrate me and make sure it is very painful.  He would hit me, place objects in me. He would scream, slap me in the head.  He would expect me to understand his screaming in another language, but I wouldn’t.  It was very irrational, and not logical. Other than screaming his head off every now and then, he would not talk, or communicate.
I remember an old woman.  She would act as a nice grandmother would.  She would talk nicely to me as she was a loving person.  However she would torture me by tying leather stuff around my body and particularly in my neck as if to suffocate me.  She would also force me to fondle her.  She would talk nicely about it, but if I refused her things would get out of control and she would go into a rage.
There were many more people and times, I can’t remember though.

Confined Space Torture
I can remember how I would be placed in some kind of machine. Things would press  my head against the floor of the machine.  I would not be able to move at all.  All my limbs, everything,  would be pressed down by the metallic machine.  I’d be left like that for hours, and with my head in a position so I can watch what they were doing.

Electric Shock Torture
I would regain some consciousness and find myself lying down with electric cables on my nipples, arms and legs. Someone dressed like a doctor would administer the electric shocks.  They were painful beyond description, and I had no way to prepare for the shock.  My body would jump uncontrollably with the shocks. They would chant and pray while this was done, I can’t remember what they would say.  It might have been in a foreign language. I don’t think I have remembered all that went on during the electric shock sessions.

Slapped in the Head by all in the Group
I would wake up from unconsciousness.  I’d be in the center of a congregation. Someone would take me from a golden object with white linen on the top. They would poor some liquid on me, and hand me over to the whole congregation. They would be chanting.  I would be grabbed lying down with my head exposed and my neck bending, not being able to hold my head up. Then everyone in the congregation would slap me in the head.  It was very painful and I was very drowsy.  I would fall unconscious again at some stage.

Torturing a Woman to Death
They would have a woman lying down in a table and they will torture her. It was as if they were doing a surgery. They would slowly mutilate her, and cut her all over. She would scream until she would loose consciousness. It looked as if their goal was to keep her alive for as long as they could while slowly torturing her. Again it would be a young woman. It would get very messy. They wanted her to be very aware of what was going on.

Winding Up
Part of the procedure for me before I was sent back to the nursing station was that they would tie my legs and arms. My arms would be tied behind my back and I would be naked with a metal object pressuring my neck and chains were used to tie me. They would take me to one of the loos and put my head under the water. There would be two people doing this. One would be dressed like a Nazi soldier, the other as a priest.
I would run out of air and get extremely scared. I would sometimes have to breath in and will swallow water, feeling even more close to drowning. I would wonder if they knew what they would be doing, if they would just forget the timing, or if this time they perhaps decided to let me die. It seemed to be a long time, and as if they were waiting until I gave up all hope. Until I didn’t move anymore, and until I literally stopped breathing altogether. It felt like I stopped fighting in my mind, as if my plan to resist just failed, as I just gave up and prepared to let go and die. I was loosing consciousness. It was very painful in my lungs, and I would develop a severe migraine.
Then the soldier will pull my head out of the water and the priest would pray and speak things to me.
The priest would say many things.  He would always start saying “You have no hope, there is no hope for you. You are condemned”.  Then he would add more “You are just rubbish, human scum,” “You will never amount to anything,” “You will always suffer,” “You are nothing,” “You are a stupid, retarded kid,” “You will commit suicide when you are an adult”. There are more things said, but I can’t remember them all.
The procedure would repeat for a long time, possibly half an hour to a whole hour.  It’s hard to predict.  I would be very weak and then left to one side. The effect of the drugs they would inject early in the morning would have gone by now.
At the end I would be sat on a table with handcuffs. A guy dressed like a police man would give a speech.  He would say that nobody would believe anything if I say something, that if I did the police would go after me, that they know everything about me and my family, every movement, everything that we did. He would say that they can kill anyone they want at anytime.  He would say that there is no escape. They are everywhere and have control of everything and everyone in the country.
—————————————–End of Account…

The Above Account is Similar to Others
Pick up a book on ritual abuse, or check further on the internet, and you’ll see that this story is similar to many others. The types of torture, the Nazi and Priest clothing, the sexual abuse, the elite engaging in this type of behavior…It’s easy to say “This is a bunch of bullshit.” Remember that just because YOU would never do something like this to a child or even a fucking rat, that doesn’t mean other people won’t. Christ, the fucking Nazi scum tried to exterminate an entire ethnic group. Can you imagine killing a child like you’d step on a bug? It’s shit like this that make people like me question the nature of “God.” Sorry folks, but there is no daddy in the sky, sitting on a throne up there watching shit like this and thinking, “boy, when he gets to the other side I’ll make sure he burns in hell!” I’ll tell you what, if there is a great daddy in the sky, when I die the first thing I’ll do is kick him square in the fucking balls! Don’t get me started on religion! Just don’t! Most of my family are hard-core Christians! Well, not hard-core, but honest believers. I try not to let my beliefs out when I’m around them. I don’t want to burst their bubble, and make them think for a fucking minute. You can hope as hard as you can, you can wish as hard as you can, you can pray as hard as you can, but in the end the God I was taught about -the God who loves everyone and everything so much “we just can’t comprehend it” just doesn’t exist. I don’t take pleasure in writing that either. It’s actually very depressing to think that all those promises the bible tells us about (first, the bible tells us that doing good for the sake of a reward is bad, then they tell us about all the rewards we’ll get if we’re good! The bible tells us not to seek after riches and the like, then it tells us about the “mansions” god has made for us in heaven…Fuck! Which is it? Ah, fuck! Now I’m ready to scream.

Zuckerberg Proves Once and For All that He’s of the Soros Ilk.

Mark Zuckerberg warns us that many threats to stop the spread of globalism exist, and that his blog can help destroy them, and expand globalism at a faster pace. And this guy wonders why people are deleting their facebook accounts in record

Zuckerberg – The UN’s Bitch ?

numbers (see the headline below).  I deleted my facebook account within four or five minutes of reading the headlines, and there were many.  I couldn’t care less about what that idiot has to say about anything.  I am concerned, however, at how many people are sick and tired of people like him – a lucky bastard who developed a simple concept and became a billionaire.  He did not do anything that other people had done – so why was his blog so successful?  Classmates and Myspace were here before facebook, and in many ways as good or better, and there were dozens of similar websites trying to get off the ground – their creators busting their asses, writing code into the late hours, working in their garages or basements.  I’m sure some of them got on their knees every day and asked their God to help them find success, and kept working and working – all the while thinking that if their concept could just catch the attention of the right people, or be seen by the right company, or even find a remote level of success, or even be recognized as one of the Internets top 50,000 web sites.  Even that type of recognition would make their efforts seem so much more worth while.  So I ask again – Why did Zuckerberg make billions and all the others failed (depending on how you look at what they were trying to accomplish).  I mean Zuckerberg’s program wasn’t better, there are only 24 hours in a day, so he didn’t out-work them, and we’ve seen pictures of the guy, he didn’t succeed based on his looks; that’s sure as shit!

Facebook – Government and UN Spy ?

In the movie The Social Network he’s portrayed as a douche bag with zero social skills who screws over his friends so he can claim their hard work as his.  He’s called the secret grandson of one of the Rockefeller scumbags, and many conspiracy theorists have said he’s nothing more than a front man for either the government or an agent of the government (or the UN).  People line up to give their personal information, their pictures, their habits, their thoughts, their likes and dislikes, their friends and family, the movies they like and the shows they watch on TV and every other type of information you can imagine.  Talk about a database!

So how long before facebook implodes, just like everything else does?  If Z-Berg keeps shooting his mouth off about globalism and how wonderful it is it wont take long for the folks like me to drop facebook like a bad habit.

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The social networking website. Facebook launched February 2004 and
rose to the number one social networking spot in competition with
Myspace. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college
roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin,
Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Facebook  had 138.9 million 
monthly unique U.S. visitors in May 2011. And, over 50%
of Americans have a Facebook Account. The next largest block of 
accounts are in Western Europe. As of January 2011 there are over 
600 million Facebook users.
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Why The 'Haves' Have More  
On the day Facebook went public in 2012, Mark Zuckerberg made
$2.3 billion from the exercise of his company stock options. 
That amount represented the difference between the cost to public 
investors for 60 million shares in the social media giant and what
Z-Berg had been given the right to pay as part of his compensation
package in 2005. Later that year, Zuckerberg sold about half of
those shares to pay taxes on the initial windfall. The appreciation
in Facebook’s value since the IPO brought him another $1.1 billion
in income from the sale.

In 2013, Zuckerberg exercised more options and then later sold
shares to pay the tax bill, earning about $4 billion before taxes.
That was about 180 times the $22 million Mitt Romney made in 2010,
which was, in turn, over 400 times the typical American’s household
income. I’ll save you the effort of doing the math—Zuckerberg made
roughly 80,000 times the typical household’s income in 2013.
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Zuckerberg Urges Post-Trump World not to Disconnect  
Lima, Peru:  Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg called on
world leaders Saturday to forge a more "connected" world, 
something he said was under threat after Donald Trump's US
election win and Britain's "Brexit" vote.

Zuckerberg, whose social network has been criticized by some as
helping Trump to victory by giving a platform to fake election
news, said the world must fight isolationism -- a stance the
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The more I read about this guy, the more he resembles an asshole. Who the fuck is this guy to criticize Trump about anything? He wants the world to connect, just as long as it’s done via his software, on his terms, he makes billions more, and has everything on everyone! If I had more time, I would have posted something regarding his assertation that facebook is now a bastain of truth – they will only post the truth, and they’ll let the biggest bunch of two-faced scum on the planet be their guide – I’m talking about CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and the rest of the lamestream TV and News groups. I don’t know why we even use the term ‘News’ when referring to CNN and their cohorts, we already have words to describe the bullshit the broadcast – Lies, Untruths, Theories… I’ll just end by writing that if you think for one second that big brother and his retarded family don’t have backdoor (or even front-door) access to facebook and their mountain of data on almost each of us – it’s time to think again.

The CIA…These guys make Hitler, Herod and Alexander the Great seem like Angels!

MK Ultra – Torture of Toddlers

It wasn’t too many years ago that I had a strong, vibrant faith in the US government. The strength of my faith rested in large part on my belief that “our guys” were honest, hard-working, “typical” Americans…you know the type of men who don’t cheat on their wives, love their children, go to church on Sunday, and devote their lives to keeping people like me and my family safe – safe from communists, criminals, Satanic Cults, murderers and the boogey men that surely hid in the shadows. Sure, the president was a powerful man, the congressmen and representatives were good, too, and they all wanted the best for America (Was I really that stupid back then? While I write this, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m a victim of MK Ultra Mind Control and brainwashing). So the guys we saw on TV and read about in the newspaper were of strong moral character and did their best to keep the people of America safe. These ‘visible’ parts of our government were able to do their jobs because the real heroes, the James Bond-Type special agents who worked in the shadows, were the best of the best. I’m talking about the FBI and the CIA of course. Our government was the biggest and best because our supercops and superbrains were the strongest, the best armed and the best informed. I can remember thinking that the CIA knew everything there was to know – they surely were second only to God himself when it came to knowing all the secrets. It was those secrets and that vast knowledge that set these guys apart and made them larger than life.

MK Ultra and the CIA

The CIA and FBI made SURE that the bad elements of our society were locked up – you know the bad elements I’m talking about: The drug dealers, the child killers, the child abusers, the killers, the violent thugs who tortured people, the kidnappers who snatched people off the streets and made sure they were ransomed or killed and never seen again… Our good guys even took care of us in distant lands. They toppled bad governments and killed the horrible people who surely wanted everyone in the US dead. Are you getting the idea that I must have lived in some Utopian Society, or at least knew the good from the bad. Imagine my let down when I would later discover what it was that the FBI and CIA actually did. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that they’re ALL a bunch of thugs or that they’re all just wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m certain that there must be one of two good guys in the groups.
Let’s move on to explore why I chose the title I did, and see just what some groups and people claim that these agencies do, and keep in mind that a great deal of what follows is already common knowledge. Some of what follows has yet to be proved, but ALL of it is well documented, and page after page of information, detailing some of the most disgusting and horrific acts is readily available. I think the CIA even gets top billing for the most deplorable and gross crimes against humanity ever committed (while they’re not the only groups to have committed some of these acts, they top my most disgusting list because they are the very groups committed to finding and stopping these actions.
The CIA is directly responsible for the Kidnapping, Torture and Murder of Children – Thousands upon Thousands of Children – Torture so disgusting and deplorable, most intelligent human beings will instantly dismiss the information as it’s more than their minds can take in.

The person with an ounce of empathy, a conscience or some basic moral fiber will read the claim above and say to him/herself “Bullshit!  Our government has undoubtedly committed some horrible acts, but there is no way in hell that they purposefully torture and murder babies…”  I hope that you’re right, but as you read on I think you’ll begin to understand the title of this post.  WARNING:  The information which follows is horrific, graphic and will more than likely cause you great discomfort – if it doesn’t then you have some serious problems and there is probably no hope for you.

The initial process begins with creating dissociation within the subject, usually occurring from the time of birth to about six years. This is primarily achieved through the use of electroshock (ECT) and is at times performed even when the child is in the mother’s womb. Due to the severe trauma induced through ECT, sexual abuse and other methods, the mind splits off into alternate personalities from the core. Ted Gunderson had this to say: "The Finders - A CIA front established in the 1960's - It has top clearance and protection in its assigned task of kidnapping and torture-programming young children throughout the U.S. Members are specially trained government kidnappers known to be sexual degenerates who involve the kidnapped children in satanic sex orgies and bloody rituals as well as the murders of other children and slaughter of animals.    They use a fleet of unmarked vans to grab targeted children from parks and schoolyards. In doing so they use children within their organization as decoys to attract the victims close to the vans where they are grabbed by adults. They then drug the children and transport them to a series of safe houses for safe keeping. They are then used in their ceremonies for body parts, sex slaves and some are auctioned off at various locations in the northern hemisphere. In the past, they have been auctioned off near a location in Nevada and Toronto, Canada. Marion David Pettie, the leader of the cult, is an identified homosexual pedophile and a CIA officer. His son was an employee of a CIA proprietary firm, Air America, which was notorious for smuggling drugs, destined for the US, out of the Golden Triangle into Saigon during the Vietnam war."    That is a very significant piece of evidence here. That shows that as early as 1964, the CIA was in fact experimenting ... or a person with probable CIA connections ... was experimenting on young children with LSD and other similar drugs.
Sources Available at The Original Site: [Read More...]

To Follow is some very detailed information, provided by possibly the top researcher in the field of MK Ultra Mind Control, it’s beginnings, it’s methodology, it’s victims, it’s programmers and it’s finacing.  It is important to note that the CIA didn’t just make this shit up one day.  I like to believe that in it’s early stages the CIA was not the sadistic group of degenerates it is today.  The story of the CIA and it’s connection to mind control and the torture and murder of babies and children begins when they chose to bring the sadistic Nazi war criminals to the US, under a vail of secrecy called Operation Paperclip -there will be more about that later.  You’ve no doubt heard of the disgusting and horrific “medical experiments” performed by the Nazi’s on their Jewish victims…What you’re not told by our wonderful media and government is that much of that “experimentation” was performed on babies and children, in hopes that the Nazi’s could produce super soldiers under heavy mind control.  The experiments involved nothings short of find out just how much trauma the human body could tolerate before dying.  Imagine hooking an infant up to electricity and shocking it with larger and larger doses of current until the fried mind and body could not live.  This was all in a days work for scumbags like Josef Mengele.  He had a practically unlimited supply of victims ranging in age from newborn to ninety!  As horrible as all that is – there were hundreds of human scum who helped him torture children to death – the US government, using it’s CIA smuggled these shitbags into the US and set them up with all manner of nice lifestyles, and gave them the tools, the facilities, the equipment and staff to keep right on torturing infants, babies, toddlers, youngsters, teens and adults!  Mengele may be long dead, but the practice continues to this day.  Where do you think the all those missing children go every year in the US – Conservative estimates place the number of people that vanish without a trace in the US at 300,000 – 400,000.  The number starts at one million and begins to lower as people are found, cases are found to be family kidnappings or runaway situations, some of the missing kids really aren’t missing, but after all the addition is done, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who just simply vanish in the United States – most of them children.

The following is taken from an interview with Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler – Fritz was the researcher and Cisco was a CIA victim, who regained some of her own mind back and lived to expose what was going on.

...We are going to be talking to Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, co-authors of the "Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave" and "Deeper Insights", books about trauma based conditioning mind control. Fritz is a researcher about the Illuminati and minister to mind control victims. Cisco Wheeler says she is from a generational Illuminati family and that trauma-based mind control was perpetrated against her from birth. We will hear the interview with Cisco in a couple of weeks, and today we are going to hear an interview with Fritz Springmeier. Fritz talks about the Illuminati families and how they have used mind control to consolidate their power throughout history...

Wayne Morris:
Good morning, welcome to the International Connection. This is show #35 in the radio series on Mind Control and over the next few shows we are going to be talking to Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, co-authors of the "Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave" and "Deeper Insights", books about trauma based conditioning mind control. Fritz is a researcher about the Illuminati and minister to mind control victims. Cisco Wheeler says she is from a generational Illuminati family and that trauma-based mind control was perpetrated against her from birth. We will hear the interview with Cisco in a couple of weeks, and today we are going to hear an interview with Fritz Springmeier. Fritz talks about the Illuminati families and how they have used mind control to consolidate their power throughout history. You are listening to CKLN 88.1 FM.
I am speaking with Fritz Springmeier author, lecturer and minister to mind control survivors. Welcome to the show Fritz.

Fritz Springmeier:
Thank you and hello to all you listeners out there in radioland. I encourage you to participate with our program today because we are going to be speaking about some important things that affect your life and will affect the lives of your grandchildren.

Wayne Morris:
I would like to start off with asking you how you first came across the information about government mind control.

Fritz Springmeier:
Government mind control overlaps with many other things - it overlaps with a higher government and a secret world government called the Illuminati. As I investigated the Illuminati I had to also learn about their front that they operate. They hide behind the veil of National Security. They use our patriotism against us and make us think that for our own interest, for our own security of our own nations, that we have to subject ourselves to all the secrecy that they impose upon us.

Wayne Morris:
Did you come across all the information about mind control through your research into the Illuminati, or vice versa?

Fritz Springmeier:
Yes, through the Illuminati. That's not to say that I hadn't been watching the government too, but a lot of what we see out front is just that - it's a front and if we really want to understand what's going on, we have to look behind that front.

Wayne Morris:
Maybe you could explain to our listeners, to your understanding, who are the Illuminati?

Fritz Springmeier:
The Illuminati are the movers and shakers of the world. They are an elite group of bloodlines - I call these tribes or families - there are 13 major bloodlines. They are what are called "generational satanists". That means that they have practised their secret witchcraft for many centuries and they have passed their religion down from one generation to the next. They lead double lives. They have one life that the world sees and then they have a hidden life that the world doesn't see. There have been very few people that have been able to break through the secrecy. They have taken secrecy to a fine art that I would never have believed that anyone could achieve until I started getting into this, and there have been very few people over the years that have broken through that secrecy at all. There was a man named John Robison who wrote proofs of a conspiracy against all the religions and governments in Europe carried on in the secret meetings of the Freemasons, the Illuminati and reading societies. That came out in 1798 and the Bavarian government, by raiding several safe houses of the Illuminati, captured original Illuminati documents back at that time period which were bound and sent out to all the governments entitled: "Die Originalschriften des Illuminatens Ordens" as the German title the Bavarian government gave it.
But in modern times there have been very few people that have been able to talk about the Illuminati as it exists today, and that's been my job. To bring to the world who these people are, what their traditions are, what they are doing, everything about them. The reason I am giving a longer version here to your question is that when someone asks who or what are the Illuminati, they do not think like we do. People often times interpret things around them in terms of how they themselves think or their own world view. If you want to understand the Illuminati, you have to understand that these people do not think like you or I.
In just one area alone, that is a large percentage of these people are programmed multiple personalities and just that in itself creates a whole different thinking pattern from those of us who are not multiple.
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This post is getting long.  I think I’ll break it up into more than just one post as this is a huge subject.  There are thousands of websites and literally hundreds of books which talk about what the CIA really does.  When you stop and think about it for a minute, and you consider all the technology at the disposal of our government “intelligence” agencies, and what they can do if they want to, you’ll begin to understand that when it comes to American Security, War, Terrorism and anything that an intelligence agency would be interested in there is no such thing as an accident or a surprise.  Try to convince somebody who really knows this and understands what the CIA can do, and then try to convince them that the CIA didn’t know that TWENTY Muslim Terrorists were planning to hijack FOUR US Airliners and crash them into High-Profile Targets (It’s laughable that people actually believe the “official” stories put out by our government).  Maybe I worded that bit about 9-11 Wrong – I guess the CIA didn’t know about the Twenty Muslims because there weren’t ANY Muslims planning to hijack ANY US Airliners…They no doubt knew about the Twenty Muslims who would take the blame…