Boondoggle Was Created To…

Everyone needs an outlet!  When I stop what I’m doing for long enough to contemplate the next twenty years, or what life will be like for my kids when they reach adulthood, I’m almost instantly pulled deep inside myself.  After the pulling stops, and I look at myself, my surroundings,  and everything that shares the relatively same space as I do without a doubt my first actual thought, or question, rather, is always the same:  “Will I even be around in twenty years?”  Then my minds eye begins to focus on what my kids, and their kids (a lot can happen in twenty years) might be doing, or trying to do.  I sometimes recall how my folks purchased the house they still live in back in the seventies, and I think about the price they paid.  The brutal harshness and weight of reality begin to cause that familiar pain in my lower back, and it occurs to me, again, that the car I drive costs considerably much more than the purchase price of my folks house.  Their house isn’t small or dumpy either.  It’s above average, in a decent part of town, in a fast-growing state.  Some quick math in my head tells me that my auto cost more than the price of that house.  I recalculate and the vastness of the tiny planet I’m on screams at me:  “Will cars really cost Three Hundred Thousand dollars when my youngest is ready to drive?  Is that possible?  There’s no way.  Well then how in the god did it happen to me…and every other bastard on this god-forsaken rock?”
The depression I deal with on a regular basis seems to mock me and I get angry that I let myself move in that same direction, the one that always ends up with me angry.  Angry that life is the way it is, that I’m the way I am, and that the people in my boat -the middle class of America- are too fucking busy juggling work and family, so they can keep paying those goddamn bills.  We’re so busy we don’t really have the time to even tell the people that are important to us that they’re important to us.  Anger shifts to sorrow, and the Utopian Society that they told me about in Church starts to come into focus, then it quickly becomes obscured.  A few tears of sorrow try to form, so I quickly yell or try to think of something, anything that will take sorrow back to anger.   About this time, I finally pick out one of the idiot drivers I’m on the road with (I’m usually driving by myself in this scenario), and string together a perfectly flowing sentence filled with vulgarities and pro-nouns.

It’s this general distraction from life -or what life could be that gives me the reason to need an outlet.   My wife gets sick of the negative energy that comes with the foul language, so I decided that I would write to find my outlet.  It’s easy for me to ramble about nothing; I can construct long sentences of nothing more than profanity – usually directed towards the government, particularly the Obama administration and Obama himself.  Just writing his name, right here is like a game I’m playing with myself.  It would be so easy to change the subject and pick one of his countless attempts to fuck America and let anyone who cared read what I think about it.

A Crazy Place -But a Wonderful Place

So Boondoggle is an Outlet of sorts.  I decided to pick an area of interest and try to focus in that direction, hoping to keep myself moving in the direction that just might make this site seem interesting to one or two people.  There are a few of us who contribute to this blog, we compare notes and ideas, and try to write about them before we get directed towards the next distraction – and we all firmly believe that what is happening now, right now, in this country, and around the world is not some mistake, or some result of mankind’s lack of morality or use of drugs, or just change.  When you look at what is happening, and try to give reason to chaos, you’ll have problems.  If you try to understand that chaos and violence, and the web of lies -oh my god, the huge, gigantic, heap of goddamn fucking lies, and the deception that is everywhere you’ll drive yourself crazy.  There is really no need to figure out why this same shitstorm blows across the entire world.  Just know that this particular shitstorm is not an accident or the result of our “poor” choices or behavior; those of us who are not the elite, or the one-percenters are being led like sheep to the slaughter.  Once you understand that simple fact, then you can start to see the bigger picture.

Boondoggle will also be a site where many of the other Conspiracy Theory sites get picked apart, quoted, referenced and praised.  Some of the sites you’re likely to come across when searching for interesting subject matter are so far out there, it’s laughable.  Some of them talk of such strange and unbelievable practices and rituals that it’s easy to see why they get labeled with terms like “crazy,” and “out there.”  What would you think if I said that in a few hundred years, the people who inhabit this planet will call Christianity or Islam or Judaism “mythology?”|  It’s so easy for us to laugh at the Romans or the Greeks and their talk of Zeus or Prometheus and the wild adventures they had.  What about when those same folks, the ones who call our beliefs “mythology” laugh at how we actually believed in a “god” who came down to earth and had sex with his own daughter?  How it was “his” plan for his only begotten son to come to earth so he could be tortured to death for the “bad” things each of us do, and how two-thousand years later we’d sit in buildings all around the world called churches and eat bread and drink water or wine, and pretend like we were actually eating his body and drinking his blood…  Think about that for a moment…Some of us actually pretend to cannibalize our deity and drink his blood!  Then we get together with our friends or read on the internet how Satanic cults do this same thing with real blood and real human bodies, and they are crazy!  What a wonderful world!  So big and so fucking crazy!

It’s our hope that through Boondoggle, we can somehow enable a few people to see what is really happening to our country, our world, our bodies, our food and our minds (did I miss anything?).  I’m not trying to say for a minute that I have the answers to heal the world and ourselves, but if enough of us think and move in the right direction, we’ll eventually get to where we want to be.

-Hunter | March 2017