FBI Director Comey gets Shit-Canned | Will We Ever Know The Entire Story?

WHY DID HE REPEATEDLY LIE THROUGH HIS ASS AGAIN AND AGAIN to the American People when we were calling for Hillary’s broom?  The disgusting waste of flesh should be rotting in a Federal Prison right now, She clearly and unquestionably committed several Felony Crimes, Lied to Congress (while under oath? Anybody?) about those crimes, Received “Above the Law” treatment by the FBI before, during and after their “investigation” and clearly had help doing it.

Pres. Trump -Fine with LBGT Crowd.

The Dumbocrats can say all they want to about President Trump, but his worst day ever does not even stand on the same planet when compared to this bullshit – and this is just another day at the fucking office for Hillary.  Those goddamn fucking Clinton’s make me sick to my stomach, and you fucking retarded Dumbocrats wanted to make her President of the United States?  Let that sink in, and then ask yourself the question, assuming you wanted this sick bitch to lead our country…What does that say about you?  If you don’t hang your head in Ninja-like shame, then you’re every bit the Sick and Twisted Fucks the Republicans make you out to be!  Does that make you mad?  Does that make you want to crawl through your network cabling, put your fist through my monitor and cold-cock me?  The Truth Hurts like a motherfucker!  Doesn’t it?!

Here’s more, and this isn’t some rant about the corruption and scandal in DC by some guy who loves his country and wants to expose the corruption and scum holding elected officials…I’m talking every bit about the Republican scum here as well…In my book  Elected Official-Scum (or as they want US to think of them…Public Servants) and Politician-Scum are equally useless, slimy shit bags that should be rounded up and executed en-mass!  These fuckwads have taken, taken and taken some more and fed their own fat asses and those of their families and friends for too long (some of them their entire careers…did someone say Obama, Reid, Feinstein, McConnell, McCain, Pelosi, Boehner, Rangel and Boxer?  Thought I heard the nail-on-a-chalkboard sound of the names of the likes of …)  And because we the sheeple were and are so goddamn sick of this type bullshit, we kicked them out of office as fast as our little fingers could vote in the 2014 elections…Right?  Wrong as Fuck!  The 2014 Elections had a 95%+ incumbent winning percentage!  For more on who’s been slopping themselves at the public feeding troughs for 20+ years, click here for a well-written piece by Tyler Durden.

OK, here’s what I’ve been getting to…Taken from Judicial Watch…Yes, the article included a pitch asking for money so they could “fix” things.  Maybe they can and would or will, but like so many Americans, I will not and cannot give money to another group who claims they are going to fix America…if only we’ll give them our money.  Here’s a hint, solicitors of funds to Fix this Broken Mess of a Country…Tell us what you’ll do and how you’ll do it, and then tell us not to send you any money…Help us to know that you and yours are so patriotic you’re going to do this because it’s the right thing to do…not because it’s the profitable thing to do.  I mean, Jesus, for all I know these guys at Judicial Watch (and this is just my own personal example, I’m sure they are a stand-up organization -again it’s just an example) send out a request for donations email blasting the Dems, and a different server at their same building sends out a request for donations blasting the Republicans…

"(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit to obtain Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records relating to its “investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a non-government email server during her tenure.”  

No one is above the law – including James Comey – and that’s why your JW intends to find out the truth about how the Obama administration’s FBI and Justice Department abused their powers to protect Hillary Clinton and target Donald Trump.

And so, through this lawsuit, Judicial Watch is investigating the investigators!

Congress won’t do it.  And the liberal media won’t do it.  But Judicial Watch is going to court to get the truth on this and some many other DC corruption issues.


NYC’s Nordstrom Tower set to Become Tallest Residential Tower on Earth

A 1775-Foot Tower will Rise on West 57th Street – Midtown Manhattan, USA
Yes, it’s true.  After letting the middle east and Asia kick our damn asses for quite some time, New York City is finally topping off some of it’s highly anticipated supertalls!

Nordstrom Tower will become the Tallest Residential Tower on Earth, once completed (unless fucking Dubai tops off another one, which they will, but this blog isn’t about fucking Dubai…It’s about New York City, the Best City on this Planet, the 2nd Moust-Populous Metro Region (behind Tokyo’s 35,000,000 – NYC  is just over 25,000,000 – Jesus, that’s a lot of people).

SuperTall Skyscrapers around the World

There are rumors about Nordstrom Tower not being able to erect it’s spire, which will knock 300ish-feet off the height count.  It may only top out oat 1550 – That is still incredibly tall.  I recall 26 years ago, living in Manhattan, I felt that I was king of the world.  “The Trades,” as my group called them, were such elegant symbols of America’s Power and Might!  It really doesn’t matter if Osama-Fuckwad or the Bush-Administration brought the towers down, and to be completely honest, you’d have to ignore far too many facts and oddities to believe for a second that a bunch of Mussie-Rats brought those towers down…I mean really – The fucking flames somehow burnt hot enough to melt the steel (when it’s been proven, and it’s a known fact that jet-fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the type of steel used in the WTC…I think my favorite’s are…No plane at the pentagon…It just burned up into nothing.  My friend if you believe that could happen, do some research on the Rolls-Royce engines used on that plane…Also consider that the Pentagon, without a shadow of a doubt the most highly secured structure on earth, with more security cameras per pound of concrete and steel than any structure on the planet…and we get a fuzzy image from some ATM across the way showing a fireball exploding.  Where are the planes, George?  I guess they really think people are that dumb, and I have to agree with them, people are that dumb!  Back to the fire…it somehow burned hot enough to cause these buildings to collapse.  Note the construction of the towers did not use interior support columns, and was almost tube-like, with a large support “column” running up the middle of the tower and perimeter columns to which the “base clips” held the floor joists up…They can use all the “science” they wish to, they can say heat and temperature are not the same thing, that the columns did not melt, yada, yada, yada…End result, the WTC is THE ONLY STEEL-CONSTRUCTION building on earth to have been brought down by fire…So back to the fires towards the top…They burned hot enough to do all this damage yet one tiny piece of paper, which just happened to be the passport of one of the “hi-jackers” survived -it was in his pocket or luggage and the explosion “pushed” it gently from it’s cushioned home and into a fire that was burning around 1200F-1500F.  All the other pieces of paper up there were vaporized, disintegrated, blown to microscopic bits of ash, yet this one piece of evidence, almost a smoking gun survived all that commotion and destruction and fell gently to the ground where a US Government official just happened to pick it up!  I think that’s the biggest load of fucking bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life, and it’s such an unbelievable, horribly constructed, vomitus load of fucking bullshit, it insults the honor and memory of the fallen hero’s and loved ones who were butchered by…I hate to say it, but our fucking government!

Nordstrom Tower at 1550-Feet Sans Spire

So the Nordstrom tower will add another supertall to Midtown’s In-challenged skyline (and Fuck that shit about Hong Kong having more skyscrapers than NYC – they’ve used a definition to reach their desired conclusion. Go to skyscraperpage.com and look. Yes, Hong Kong is mind blowing, has gigantic beautiful, wonderous skyscrapers, but New York’s Manhattan Island is unchallenged in it’s reign as King of the Skyscraper Club. And yes, Dubai has some tall buildings, and has a very impessive skyline, but the number of buildings there, doesn’t even begin to reach New York’s…It also amazes me how Dubai, a city with only 2-Million People in it’s entire Metro area can fill the downtown office buildings and hotels and residential highrises they have constructed.
Maybe someone can explain what is going on there…I’d guess that the vacancy rate of office space in Dubia is sky-high! Who knows though.
So I’ll end this blog-post with a picture that shows what Manhattan will look like down the road, when the buildings under construction and awaiting ground-breaking are topped out!

New New York City (is this Futurama?)

Is Congress Trying to Get Rid of Trump

President Donald Trump -One Thing Right About America

Let’s face it; President Trump has known for a long time that Washington DC, i.e. our gigantic Aristocracy, which our government wants you to believe is actually a “constitutional Republic, masquerading as a democracy” is one large cesspool.  I’ve known for a long time that it’s one giant pile of corrupt shit.  Our public servants are anything but servants; they’re nobility by definition and by their own admission.  They are destroying our country, piece by piece, and law by law…  I still can’t believe that President Trump was actually elected and sworn into office.  I also think he’s the best thing to happen to America in a long time.  How sad that the younger generation, the democrats and the ignorant see him as an elitist, out to destroy everything good about her (America).  That sounds a little bit like Satanism, by definition – They’ve taken what Trump doing (Restoring our Constitutional Republic – Draining the Swamp) and labeled it the exact opposite of what it really is.  If you can honestly (and I mean fucking honestly – your words, your opinions – not the bullshit that you’ve been brainwashed with) argue that what Trump is doing is not in the best interests of our country and the legal citizens of this country, then by all means, pull your head out and comment!  Your Silence is Deafening!

Here’s What InfoWars had to say about it…

Members of Congress are holding “secret conversations”
about removing President Donald Trump from office following a
“difficult first 100 days,” according to a report from The New
Yorker magazine…
“Nobody occupies the White House without criticism, but Trump
is besieged by doubts of a different order, centering on the
overt, specific, and, at times, bipartisan discussion of
whether he will be engulfed by any one of myriad problems
before he has completed even one term in office—and, if he is,
how he might be removed,” wrote Evan Osnos.
Osnos claims to have “interviewed several dozen people about
the prospects of cutting short Trump’s Presidency,” including
“his friends and advisers; to lawmakers and attorneys who
have conducted impeachments; to physicians and historians;
and to current members of the Senate, the House, and the
intelligence services.” [Read More…]

So I guess the haters gonna keep hating. I do find it odd that a person gets elected to the office of President, states that he’s going to give the power back to the people, and make sure that corruption and scandal are a thing of the past, and he’s hated as if he’s fucking Hitler! Do you fucking leftist-idiot-fucks hear what you’re saying…I guess you want a Corrupt Government to control your lives. That’s what it amounts to! Think about it…or is thinking something you idiots don’t do? Even if Trump was the most evil, scandalous SOB to ever live, I would think that everyone (except the corrupt) would applaud statement like Trump’s… Maybe someone can explain why wanting to give the power back to the people is bad, and why ridding the government of corruption is bad…And don’t try to argue like a politician and give me that “what he’s really saying is…” I’m asking your democrats a simple question: “How can you hate Trump based on his statements about ‘giving the power back to the people,’ and ‘ridding DC of corruption?. Please, someone explain, my goddamn head hurts.
Hell, somone write me an email and I’ll post your essay on this site if you can answer my questions. I’ll even shut up or change the subject.

Try as he Might, Colbert just can’t get Comedy Right !

Try as he might, late-night CBS talk-show-host Stephen Colbert just can’t say anything funny.  I’ve wished for years that I kept a loaded 9MM on the end table closest to my couch so that when this dipshit somehow shows up on my TV, and I don’t have my remote in-hand, I can make an easy choice:  blow my brains out or listen to this geek try to say something funny.  As you can tell by my writing this, I’ve never had the gun close enough!

Not Even Close to Funny!!

I’m NOT just saying this because he insulted two real world leaders either.  I’ve laughed to myself for years over how fucking stupid this guy is.  I feel sorry for the guy, and can totally understand why he’s on CBS – He sucks! So now,  he’s actually proud of himself for insulting our president, Vladimir Putin and homosexuals in general.  What really makes me mad is that had he (or any other late-night lame-ass for that matter) said something like that about our former muslim-in-charge, Barry-the-worst-president-of-all-time-Soetoro, he’d be out of his job and facing a backlash from every media company on the fucking planet.

You can joke all you want to, Stephen, but the fact is that President Donald Trump did more to benefit Americans (your lame-ass included) while he slept at night during his first 100-days as our leader than ISIS-Front-Man-Obama did in eight goddamn years.  Perhaps the real joke is that Colbert has been aching to talk about dick-sucking for so long, and to such an extent that he just blurts it out, even when he might have meant to talk about something else.

Perhaps it’s time to once again, start the #CancelColbert hashtag.  One of these days he’s not going to get away with his bullshit.  He’s also racially offensive to Asians as well.  Click Here for that story.   Not too long ago Don Imus became public enemy #1 for calling a bunch of nappy-haired-ho-looking females “nappy-haired-hos.”  His ass was canned immediately, he became the media-industry’s “dick-of-the-decade,” and we haven’t heard his name since.  I thought it interesting how he says something funny about some black females and gets fucked over, but that same night, another unfunny Trump-hating bitch, Wanda Sykes (a black female, no less) happens to be on with Leno or Letterman (I couldn’t care less to be honest) and she can insult Imus non-stop for ten minutes and that is just her “being funny.”  Imus was spewing “hate-speech” and “racially-motivated insults,” but good old Sykes was just being funny.  Fuck that two-way street, I guess.  We all secretly know that only white people are racists (see the post before this about Muhammad-Racist-Fucking-Ali and how us white folk are “white devils,” and his kids are too good to go to school with white kids -That’s all OK).

So, to clarify, President Donald Trump is taking care of business, with America and what is best for her at the crux of his agenda, while Stephen Colbert subconsciously tells us what he’d really like to do with other guys.  I guess if his show was watched by anyone, or he was important or funny, I’d really give a shit.

And if anyone’s offended by my writing, please know that I’m just trying to be funny.  I’d never purposely call some asshole an asshole, or a lame-ass, wannabe comedian a dipshit…

Muhammed Ali, Muslim Racist and Hater of Whites

Taken from The Judicial Watch Blog -Corruption Chronicles.  As it turns out, Muhammad Ali was not the Greatest, unless you’re talking about Racism, Hate of Whites and Black Supremacy.  I’m waiting for someone to get pissed off and say it’s all OK, after all this guy’s Muhammad Ali.  I don’t even need to ad my opinions, I’ll let you read and make your own conclusions.

-As Family Uses his Fame to try and Defeat Racial & Religious Profiling.

MAY 03, 2017 As a Nation of Islam heavyweight, boxing legend Muhammad Ali referred to Caucasians as “white devils” and “crackers” and told mosque worshipers that “black women have the best sons and daughters in the world,” according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records  obtained by Judicial Watch. Known as Cassius Clay before converting to Islam, Ali also said “programs of integration are useless,” that blacks want separation not integration and that the 1964 Civil Rights Act was a “swindle.” The three-time heavyweight champion also told Muslims during a mosque delivery that “the so-called Negro is the original man and is superior to the white devil” and that he’d rather be with his own people than “blue-eyed devil white people.”

Muslim Racist and Hater of Whites                says the FBI

The FBI files  present a picture of the late heavyweight champion that is clearly at odds with much of the image portrayed at the time of his death last year. His deep involvement with the Nation of Islam and its racially divisive rhetoric and behavior is part of a record that deserves to be revealed and contradicts Ali’s image as a civil rights icon. The hundreds of pages of documents are related to the FBI’s investigation of Ali for evading the draft and the government’s monitoring of the Nation of Islam, which is described by the agency as an “all-Negro, quasi-religious organization which espouses a line of violent hatred of the white race, Government, law and law enforcement.” The federal surveillance files show that Ali told a Washington D.C. mosque crowd that he preferred “dying outright” or going to jail than going into the Army and at a Cleveland mosque the boxer said the American flag “represented death and destruction” but the “Muslim flag” represents “life and prosperity, justice for all black men.” The records reveal the great threat the FBI perceived the Nation of Islam to be in the 1960s and that Ali was closely monitored by the agency as a “security matter” due to his associations with Nation of Islam leaders Elijah Mohammad and Malcom X. The Nation of Islam followed Mohammad’s interpretation of the “Koran,” the FBI records say, which taught that white people are “white devils” to be destroyed in a coming “War of Armageddon.” In April 1964, Ali’s plans to travel to Muslim countries alarmed the FBI and the agency searched his passport files and recorded that while in Accra, Ghana, Ali said he planned to bring four wives back to the US. Ali’s ex-wife, Sonji Roi, informed the FBI that the Nation of Islam received 80% of the boxer’s earnings while he only got 20%. The records also state that Ali was arrested for assault and battery in July 1960 at his parents’ home in Louisville, Kentucky and that his mother witnessed the crime.
Judicial Watch had to sue the government to get the records, which are decades old but come to light as Ali’s family ironically uses his name and legacy to launch a national campaign to end racial and religious profiling. Just weeks ago, Ali’s second wife, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, and son, Muhammad Ali Jr, announced that they’re launching an anti-discrimination initiative called “Step into the Ring.” The inspiration came from getting detained and questioned at a south Florida airport where mother and son claim they were racially and religiously profiled. The Alis were returning from a Jamaican Black History month event in February and assert that federal immigration officers harassed them. As part of their “Step into the Ring” campaign they traveled to Capitol Hill in March to make a plea to end racial and religious profiling. During congressional testimony Camacho-Ali said this: “Somebody needs to turn this ‘humanity’ switch on because we’re not going to go back to Robert E. Lee,” referring to the Civil War Confederate Army commander. “We must step into the ring and fight this thing and keep fighting it until it’s done because it will be done,” she continued. When Muhammad Ali died in Phoenix, Arizona last June hordes of media outlets published obituaries rehashing his spectacular boxing career and accomplishments as a civil rights idol. One mainstream news outlet called Ali a “civil rights champion ” and “an emblem of strength, eloquence, conscience and courage.” Another wrote that, along with a fearsome reputation as a fighter, Ali spoke out against racism, war and religious intolerance. Then President Barack Obama issued a statement saying that Ali fought for everyone. “He stood with King and Mandela,” Obama said, adding that the boxer “stood up when it was hard; spoke out when others wouldn’t. His fight outside the ring would cost him his title and his public standing. It would earn him enemies on the left and the right, make him reviled, and nearly send him to jail. But Ali stood his ground. And his victory helped us get used to the America we recognize today,” the former president said in a White House statement that was published worldwide. Ali’s FBI files certainly paint a vastly different portrait of the boxer.